Swansea International Festival

Elin Manahan Thomas (soprano) & Jocelyn Freeman (piano)

Tuesday 2 October

National Waterfront Museum

Elwyn-Edwards: Caneuon o Wyrdd
Owen: Daisy’s song
Owen: To Violets
Owen: God made a lovely garden
Samuel: The Gaze
Elwyn-Edwards: In Faery
Elwyn-Edwards: Bird of Christ
Owen: To our lady of sorrows
Owen: The Lamb
Elwyn-Edwards: Sweet Suffolk Owl
Samuel: Yr Alarch
Elwyn-Edwards: Caneuon y Tri Aderyn
Owen: Slumber song
Elwyn-Edwards: Lullaby
Owen: Mother’s Lullaby

Elin Manahan Thomas and Jocelyn Freeman celebrate a century of universal suffrage and great Welsh female composers in words and music. Elin’s career goes from strength to strength, with the Swansea-born soprano having recently performed Handel for an audience of millions at the royal wedding in Windsor in May. For this concert, Elin is curating a miscellany of Welsh music and words charting the struggles and progress of women in Welsh society over the last one hundred years. Georgia Theodoulou joins as the reader.


Elin Manahan Thomas (soprano) & Jocelyn Freeman (piano)