Honda Idle Relearn Procedure: How to Fix and Avoid Issues

According to the latest car advanced technology, the Honda idle relearn procedure refers to the steps you are required to follow.

However, when you are trying to program the memory of your car that is in the computer found in your vehicle.

If you have not been idly relearning, then it is essential to note that your vehicle is at risk of running arbitrarily. Sometimes, this might lead to the unnecessary wearing of the engine.

Whether you do not want to be experiencing these issues, then it’s time you learn how to do this.

Many cars in this modern time evolved because of technology. Many of them have an electrical system that tends to be causing issues in many cases.

Honda Idle Relearn Procedure: Simple 6 Steps Procedure

The Honda idle-stop process is something that you can easily do in the comfort of your home, and it will only take a little of your time.

And you will have accomplished your mission or resolved the issue you are trying to solve.

It is not a complex one to follow minimal effort is required, too, as long as you follow the instructions and steps keenly.

Below are outlined steps that will help you in a case where you want to conduct the procedure. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Turn off all electrical

You will be required to make sure that you switch off all of the cars’ electrical items. These items include your car’s radio, lights, and air conditioner.

Step 2: Reset the Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

In this step, you will have to ensure your PCM/ECM with HDS reset.

This step is an easy one to do, and you can achieve it by disconnecting the battery of your car to ensure that you have removed the negative cable from the storm.

Alternatively, you can do this when you pull the FI‑ECU fuse that you will find under your hood fuse or the relaxed body to enable the reset process.

By doing this, you will make all the memory in the ECU wholly erased. And this probably is the fastest that your ECU can relearn.

Step 3: Switch on your ignition

After you have followed the above instruction, you can now go ahead and turn on the ignition switch (II), and then you will wait for two seconds.

Step 4: Start and hold the engine

At this point, you are supposed to start your engine, and then you are going to hold the engine speed at 3000 RPM (Revolutions per Minute) without load (in the park or neutral).

You have to continue doing this until when the radiator fan comes on.

Another way is that you can continue holding the engine until the engine’s coolant temperature reaches 90 degrees or 194 F.

Step 5: Leave your engine idle

Here, it would be best if you let your vehicle’s engine be idle for around 5 minutes, ensuring that the throttle has been fully closed.

You can do this by providing that your foot is off the pedal gas.

NOTE: just in case the radiator fan of your vehicle comes on, do not include its running time within the 5 minutes that you were letting your engine idle.

Step 6: Complete the process

After carefully following all of the above steps, at this point, you are going to shut off your car’s engine, and you will have completed the Honda idle relearn procedure successfully.

Remember that there should be no fans, radio, or lights, and this includes the dome light that turns on when you are opening a door of your vehicle.

Ensure that you stay inside your car and that everything is off until you have finished the whole process.

In a scenario when you feel like you want the windows of your car open, ensure you open them before you start the process of idle relearning your vehicle.

At least make sure that you have someone else with you while doing the procedure, as he will have to stand outside when you are inside the car.

He will inform you when the radiator fan comes on; making it impossible to see this if you are in your car and alone.

Honda Idle Relearn: What & How does It Work?

Honda idle is a process in which you can reprogram your car’s computer memory to be idle using a specified revolution per minute.

Normally it is a procedure that you can learn through your car user manual guide, or in cases where you cannot find it, it is effortless to access the information through Google search.

Just ensure that you are well aware of your car’s manufacture and the exact model of your vehicle.

When your vehicle’s computer has lost its connection with the throttle body, it might hinder some normal functioning of your car.

But you can resolve this using the Honda idle relearn method.

It works by allowing your vehicle’s computer to send a signal to the motor found in the ECB, which makes the throttle plate open slightly.

As a result, this will enable your car engine to keep on running without it stalling.

Most Crucial FAQs about Honda Idle Relearn Procedure

Why do I need a relearn on my car?

Well, doing an idle in your car is quite essential as this will help you get back on track when you are experiencing an erratic idle.

Usually, this happens after you have loaded your car with a tune or when you carry out actions that will automatically clear the Keep Alive Memory(KAM) in the Power train Control Module(PCM).

What are the signs that show my car needs an idle relearn?

In some cases, you might not know that your car needs an idle relearn. But there are some signs that you may start noticing that will indicate that you need to do a vehicle relearn.

Here are some of the symptoms that you are necessary to look out for:

  • When your idle is too high
  • When your check engine light comes on after stopping a car
  • When your engine is stalling
  • When your idle is erratic.

Will I be able to drive my car without doing an idle relearn?

Although many people are so ignorant at times, I can advise that you do not want to be among them.

It is not a good idea to drive your car after realizing that it needs an idle relearn.

Sometimes it can be very dangerous and can result in you risking your life or even your passengers. You will see that your car may have issues when it comes to accelerating.

Your vehicle will not accelerate when you hit the gas pedal or may start to accelerate on its own even though you have not hit the pedal.

What exactly does the term idling in a vehicle mean?

The term idling in a vehicle is when an engine of a car is running when a vehicle is not in motion.

However, this can happen when you have packed a car but not turned off your engine when you have stopped waiting for the traffic lights or just relaxing in your car.

What causes my car engine to stall after a battery change?

After just changing your car’s battery to a new one after disposing of your old one might come with the need of you idle relearning your vehicle.

You may be experiencing this because your computer software has disconnected from the power, which might cause the memory of your car to reset back to its original default settings.

However, this issue is bound to happen no matter how long your battery was disconnected, making it the leading cause of your car stalling.

How does an idle relearn fix the problem of my car?

It is vital to note that while you are doing the idle relearn procedure, the Power train Control Module (PCM) will keep on changing your idle speed until it achieves the correct rate.

While you are slightly stepping on your gas pedal, your will be helping to set the PCM to get back in its proper form, and this is in a case where your engine kept on stalling for an extended period.


It is best to understand that the Honda idle relearn process is relevant for many people.

It will effectively assist them in solving issues when they start experiencing erratic idle, too high idle, or too low idle.

The process is straightforward to carry on your own, time-saving, and it does not require you to be a professional for you to do it.

You can easily access it on the internet or in your car manual. We hope that this guide will help you to go through the process without much hassle.

You only need to go through it carefully so that you will be able to get the most satisfactory result.

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