Security Upgrade with Honda Key Immobilizer Programming: Honda Immobilizer Reset

Modern vehicles feature embedded RFID chips, and it works on using a key. It works as additional security offering theft prevention.

The Honda key immobilizer programming refers to the key matching and read by the computer. It helps in starting the car.

It is crucial to consider the key matching, and if it fails to match, the vehicle will not start.  It will just crank.

The immobilizer system in an engine presents difficulty to owners if it means swapping a bad ECU.

Honda Key Immobilizer Programming: Step by Step Procedure

The immobilizer programming of the Honda key is to safeguard your car from getting stolen. On turning on the switch, the immobilizer system indicator comes and puts off.

If the indicator blinks, it shows the system fails to recognize the key coding. Most models in Honda is made after 1999 and need some programming to initiate the car.

Here, there is the inclusion of remotes and transponder keys. Bear in mind that the regular metal keys are non-transponder keys and do not require programming.

The process of Honda security key immobilizer programming is to identify the special information. Following these steps helps in programming:

Step 1: Gather remote key fobs

As the first step, before starting, ensure you replace the key fobs battery, if required. You may have missed it for a long time.

A real headache is the bad key fob as you try reprogramming. It is easy to replace the batteries as they are cheap.

You need to access the program mode. However, ascertain all the remotes programs are in the same session. On doing this, your Honda remote will discard the previous program.

Step 2: Sit in the car

The second step is to enter your car with the remote and car keys. Accommodate the driver’s seat.

Close all the doors, as it is a must. If you notice one of the car doors is left open by mistake, the entire process of Honda Key Immobilizer programming will experience disturbance.

Step 3: Start the ignition

After assuring all the doors are closed properly, turn the ignition ‘ON.’ This will power all the electrical systems and their accessories such that your dash lights up.

Ensure the ignition is not in radio mode.

Step 4: Press the Lock button

Turn the key on within a while to the ON position, and push for a second the LOCK button that appears on the remote control transmitter.

Keep to the ‘ON and OFF’ position at least three times. End the cycle keeping it to ON position.

It will send to the electronic control units and indicator that the key in the ignition is correct, and the data gets saved from then.

Step 5: Listen to the lock sound

Turn to OFF position the keys. Repeating the process will get to hear the programming mode. You get to hear the lock sound.

Press within five seconds again the lock button, and succeed in programming.

Step 6: Additional remotes programming

Repeat 4 &5 steps more times as ON/OFF cycles. Every step is done following each step in 5 seconds. Press the Lock button if there are extra remotes, but do it within 10 seconds.

You may successfully enter the programming mode and program remotes. Turn back the key to ON position and press on your remote for the fourth turn the ‘Lock’ button.

The Honda locks will exactly make a clunk noise while locking. It indicates the door is unlocked and your Honda is in the mode of Remote Programming.

There is no need to turn off the key. After the above steps, you may turn to ‘Off’ position the ignition and terminate the procedure of programming.

Step 7: Memory storing and test result

Eventually, programming by pressing the Lock button for 1 second on an additional remote is possible.

It will take 5 seconds to do the same steps and the programming modes get activated in 10 seconds. With each remote programming, it indicates the successful memory storage in the system.

Take your key fobs. Close all doors, and leave the vehicle. Test with all the key fobs as they get programmed and verify the function.

Step 8: Remember to check the battery

A non-functioning electronic fob many times does not need replacement. Thus, before spending, check and see if the battery replacement is affordable to resolve your car issue.

Take time; be careful to avoid damage to the housing. The battery handling needs more care and to eliminate from the circuit board.

The key fobs work on a watch battery that is available almost everywhere.

Honda Key immobilizer: What & Why

A Honda key immobilizer refers to an electronic device averting vehicles from starting until it receives the correct key. Thus, it prevents thieves from stealing the vehicle.

With the immobilizer, the system does not activate the ignition, even with connected wires. The immobilizers are effective and are a standard feature in new cars.

It is possible to install the same on old cars as well.

The vehicle features the following keys:

  • Start and stop, or lock and unlock the engine, the tailgate, and all the doors. Use the keyless access system or remote transmitter to unlock and lock.
  • All the keys feature an immobilizer system, and it protects against vehicle theft.

Prevent damage to electronics:

  • Do not drop car keys or leave in direct sunlight or high humidity.
  • Keep the keys from liquids.
  • Avoid taking the keys apart but for battery replacing.

Honda Immobilizer Reset: How to Do

The Honda key immobilizer programming follows a reset procedure and applies to most vehicles. Here are the steps to Honda security Key immobilizer programming.

Step1:  Door key Reset of the Driver

To reset the driver door key, exit the car keeping all windows rolled up and doors closed.

You may close rear doors such as the rear hatch, trunk, and front hood. Use the side lock to the driver’s side, and walk away at least ten feet from the car. Unlock the door after fifteen minutes.

The security system gets reset.

Step 2: Activate Key Fob

The car never starts pushing the panic button. It is because it is programmed by the manufacturers to not start with panic button instructions.

You must hold for five seconds the panic button and reset the Honda immobilizer. Push two of the lock button and wait for ten minutes away from the car.

Hit the unlock button twice to deactivate the security system, and it will come accompanied by audible horn be and exterior flashing lights. Each step follows the security light cancellation.

If the light blinks while cranking, it means the system of the engine is not reset.

Step 3: Turn On the Ignition

Immobilizer systems see from each power input the power utilized. Insert the key in the ignition and start the engine. Wait 10 minutes in the run position.

It is the time the security light blinks and goes out. Wait 5 seconds and turn the key off. Repeat 10-minute cycles, 3 times these steps. The car becomes ready for a new key code.

Step 4: Remove alarm fuse

An alarm fuse is in most cars’ fuse panels. You can remove the fuse, and the security system power will go down.

The car will not start at this point, so reinsert the fuse and reactivate the system. It is the immobilizer soft reboot system.

Step 5: Battery Disconnection

The anti-theft system stops working due to voltage spike or even if there is an operational error. You may remove the negative cable of the battery, and leave it in a disconnected position.

Keeping it disconnected for five minutes is enough. It allows the security system to consider an alarm reset and hard reboot. Thus, it helps the immobilizer to work in a proper sequence.

Important Q&A for Honda Immobilizer Reset

1. Why is the immobilizer light flashing?

On starting the engine first, for a few seconds, the light will illuminate. It shows the use of a correct key.

In case, the computer is unable to recognize the key code; you can notice the immobilizer light flashing multiple times.

Besides, you cannot start the engine until the recognized key allows you to start the engine.

2. Why Immobilizer stop working?

Many immobilizer problems get fixed easily by replacing the battery simply in the key fob. Thus, if the immobilizer stops working in your vehicle, it may be due to damaged or corroded wires.

If not, the engine control unit may be an issue; it may be due to malfunctioning of sensors or is faulty.

3. Why should I test my cars Immobilizer?

The car immobilizers system is not available for older cars. There is a possibility to have an immobilizer fit at the factory, while some may have installed it later.

Thus, one should test their car handbook to see if it has a factory-fixed immobilizer device fit in the car.

4. Why is a car Immobilizer important?

The car immobilizer makes the system fool-proof that no criminals can steal the vehicle, even on having keys.

A thief alone can steal a vehicle if he knows the pin code or may use a crane to lift the vehicle.

5. What does the light of the immobilizer look like?

The light of the immobilizer is a warning. On starting the engine, the light illuminates for a few seconds and displays the right key to put into use.

The light flashes many times if the computer fails to recognize the key code.

6. What can you do to disable the car Immobilizer?

Using a method one can disable the immobilizer system in the car. However, the reprogramming method on ECU is the well-known method that is in use.

In the present world, immobilizer disabling tools are available and it allows one to pick the best as you wish.

7. What can I do to find the PIN code of my car?

The key code of a car is stored in the manual and it is the one that comes when new.

If not, there is a need to give evidence of your vehicle ownership to retrieve the code at a dealership, and it is done for no cost. The Honda Keycode is on the lock cylinders.

The vehicle does not have any sticker, but a dealer can get from Honda the required key code using the VIN.

8. What is the way to fix the indicator of the immobilizer system?

As the indicator blinks, it shows the system is unable to recognize the key coding.

It requires you to turn the ignition switch to the position of lock, reinsert, remove the key, and turn ON the ignition switch.

The Immobilizer system is a safe way of safeguarding your vehicle from theft.

9. What can I do to disarm the immobilizer?

Disarming immobilizer system is possible as you insert the ignition key and turn it to on position. It activates only the accessories.

Leaving the key for 10-15 minutes is enough to check the light for anti-theft. When you find the light is not blinking any longer, the key is turned to the off position and it allows setting.

10. What is the procedure to program a transponder key by self?

There is no need for a professional key transponder programmer to assist in the transponder program. It can be done by yourself as a DIY if you know the exact steps and procedure.

The process of programming is not really complicated, but it is the car type that determines the programming.

Final Thought

Honda key immobilizer programming is quite simple and effective. The car key chip can be involved as per your vehicle model.

If you are determined and have time, you can program and save money. To save money, understanding the immobilizer programming is helpful, and you can save it from theft.

You can also easily reset the key programming.

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