How Much to Install Coilovers Honda: the Costing Details

Coilover is an automobile suspension device that is adjustable. This device enables you to change the ride height by changing the spring preload.

If your vehicle’s Coilover is problematic, you might be wondering how much to install coilovers.

The cost of coilovers might differ from vehicle to vehicle and model to model, but you might have to spend a couple of hundred dollars.

Coilovers are found on most cars, including RC cars, passenger cars, 4×4 vehicles, and race cars.

How Much to Install Coilovers: Costing Details

The main components of a Coilover include a damper and a coil soring around it. These components, the damper, and the coil spring are assembled as a unit before the installation.

In case any one of the sub-component if Coilover fails, they will be replaced as a unit.

Various Honda car owners face Coilover problems, and the only solution to these problems in most cases is the replacement.

Therefore, if you want to know how much it will cost to replace or reinstall the Honda coilovers, we have mentioned a replacement cost list below that covers a variety of Honda vehicles.

1. Honda Civic

The replacement cost of Coilover of Honda civic might different area to area. But most of the mechanics tend to take around 100 dollars per hour.

The replacement of Coilover usually takes about two to three hours that makes the replacement cost approximately $200-$350.

In some areas, mechanics increase from this cost, but you can find and negotiate until this approximate cost in your expensive area.

2. Honda Accord

As mentioned above, the replacement cost of the coilovers of the Honda Accord might vary depending upon your area.

However, most of the mechanics charge around $75 to $100 per hour. Also, the replacement time is about two to three hours.

Therefore, your Honda Accord Coilover replacement might cost you tentatively $250 to $300.

If your mechanic is asking for more, try to browse through the mechanics nearby to check if you can get it done in less.

3. Honda CR-V

The replacement costs of coilovers in the Honda CR-V might vary depending upon the age and mileage of the vehicle.

Moreover, the region you live in also determines the cost of replacement that you will have to pay.

Usually, the labor for installation of coilovers in Honda CR-V costs around $200-$300, while the parts cost approximately $550 to $565.

This is an average estimate, and the cost might differ slightly.

4. Honda Fit

As the Honda vehicles mentioned above, the installation cost of coilovers of Honda Fit might also differ considering the car’s condition and your area.

But mostly, the mechanic asks for around $100 per hour, which makes the total cost approximately $250 to $350.

You can also get the task done by yourself with a bit of guidance.

5. Honda HR-V

If you are looking to replace the whole strut assembly, including Coilover on your Honda HR-V, most mechanics take around $120 to $150 as labor cost.

However, the replacement parts are pretty expensive and might cost you a couple of hundred dollars.

You can find the replacement parts for your Honda HR-V for approximately $450 to 500 dollars.

6. Honda Odyssey

The installation and replacement cost of the shocks and struts of your Honda Odyssey might differ slightly from model to model and the age of the vehicle.

Usually, the labor cost of the installation is around $160 to $210. This cost can vary from region to region as mechanics in some areas are expensive than others.

Moreover, the replacement parts might cost you $370 to $460 on average.

7. Honda Pilot

The installation cost of coilovers or struts on your Honda Pilot might be affected by the number and age of your vehicle on the road.

Also, different mechanics ask for other laborers. But on average, the labor cost of installing struts of a Honda Pilot is around $230 to $300.

In addition to the labor, the replacement parts are pretty costly and are in the price range of $700 to $720.

8. Honda Insight

The replacement and installation cost of strut assembly of Honda Insight might vary from location to location.

But the average labor asked for the installation by the mechanics is around $100.

Even though the labor is pretty more minor than the others, replacement parts might cost a couple of dollars.

The approximate price of parts is $350 to $360.

9. Honda Ridgeline

As in any case, the installation cost of Honda Ridgeline might vary from place to place.

The average labor asked for the replacement or installation is around $300 to $310. At the same time, the replacement parts cost approximately $300 to $330.

10.  Honda Passport

If you want to replace the suspension shock or strut assembly on your Honda passport, you will have to pay labor of around $230 to $300.

The replacement parts cost approximately $390 $400.

11.  Honda CR-V Hybrid

On average, the labor asked for installing or replacing the strut assembly on the Honda CR-V Hybrid is around $1150 to $200.

In comparison, the price of replacement parts is $270 to $280.

What is Honda Coilover?

Honda Coilover also referred to as a coil-over-shock absorber, is a suspension device present in vehicles that support each wheel.

This helps prevent the chassis of the car from sagging or bottoming out.

Also, this suspension is adjustable and is responsible for making changes in the spring preload. It helps reduce the body roll of the vehicle when taking turns or driving at a higher speed.

They are also responsible for lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity and enhance the roll stiffness.

How to Install Coilover Honda: Easy 05 Steps

If you are not willing a couple of hundred dollars as labor cost to get coilovers installed in your Honda, you can quickly get it done yourself with a bit of guidance.

For your convenience, we have provided below step-by-step instructions on installing coilovers on your vehicle;

1. Get your car ready

Get your car on a flat surface and measure the center of each wheel from the center to the bottom located on the fender. Now, jack up your vehicle.

2. Detach the calipers

Next, remove or detach the calipers and then brake rotors, sway bar, stock strut mount, and strut support bolts as well.

3. Get the Camber Castle plater installed and detach the coil spring

Now, install the camber castle plate that is responsible for adjusting the angle of each tire. At last, remove the coil spring slowly.

4. Installing the Coilover

Install the Coilover by pushing it against the camber castle plate. Fix the top of the plate with the help of a washer and nut. This video can help you adjust your coilovers properly.

5. Fix the camber castle plate and install the remaining components

Now, adjust and tighten the bolts of your camber castle plate. After the plate is installed, put the parts of the wheel that you removed before, including the caliper and brake rotor.

If you want a tutorial on installing coilovers in Honda Civic, Autosauce has something great to offer. This Autosauce YouTube video can help you through the process.

FAQs about the How Much to Install Coilovers

1. How long do coilovers take to install?

The average time to install coilovers is around two hours. The time can increase or decrease depending on various conditions.

2. Are coilovers better than struts?

Coilovers are also kinds of struts that have spring coils wrapped around them. In contrast to struts, coilovers provide more adjustability concerning the ride heights and dampening.

They also enable the user to have a more custom-rate spring rate by switching out springs.

3. Are coilovers worth it for daily driving?

As the coilovers make your ride stiffer and more uncomfortable, they are not recommended for daily driving.

If you want to use coilovers for everyday driving, make sure to adjust them accordingly.

4. Why are coilovers so expensive?

Premium quality coilovers are pretty expensive because they are specially machined to suit the bolt-on applications.

Regular coilovers are relatively cheaper than bolt-on ones because of this factor.

5. Do coilovers last?

If you have premium quality coilovers adequately installed and maintained, they might run perfectly for approximately 150,000 miles or even more in some cases.

The coilovers that haven’t reached this limit have started to make certain thumping noises can be fixed easily. You don’t have to replace them in this case.

6. Do coilovers need maintenance?

As with any other automobile part, coilovers also require proper maintenance if you want to make sure that they work smoothly for the promised time.

If you regularly take care of your coilovers, you will enhance their lifespan and their ability to adjust. Therefore, it is essential to maintain your coilovers.

It is recommended to treat your Coilover with premium quality anti-seize lubricant before the installation.

7. Are cheaper coilovers any good?

Cheaper coil overs are not recommended as they are not as efficient and are also not as adjustable. Also, they can easily break down due to the low-quality material.

Cheap coilovers lead to suspension bottoming up problems and blown coilovers as well.

Final Verdict

As replacement costs of various Honda vehicles are mentioned above, you might have gotten an idea of how much to install coilovers.

Also, even though the replacement parts might have the same price in almost all-region, the labor cost might vary.

Labor cost varies from location to location and even from mechanic to mechanic. It is onto you to browse through your area to find the best labor at a reasonable price.

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