How To Disable Nissan Factory Alarm: It won’t be Complicated, Check these 5 Steps

Undoubtedly, the factory alarms are pretty helpful in keeping your vehicle safe in many cases.

But if it starts to go off without any particular reason, you might need to know how to disable Nissan factory alarm.

This is because the continuous sound of a factory alarm might not only annoy you but will also result in the impossibility to drive.

Even if it is a built-in factory alarm or an aftermarket alarm, it is not very difficult to disable it, and you can do the task by yourself.

How to Disable Nissan Factory Alarm: 5 Steps Procedure

The factory alarms have proven beneficial for warning you about the potential threats posed to your vehicle, either a theft attempt, breakage of windows or glass, or others.

But you still will have to disable it when it becomes faulty or puts your vehicle at risk.

The factory alarm can be located at different places and might require other disabling techniques depending upon the brand and model of the car.

In the case of Nissan, the vehicle usually comes with a built-in factory alarm system that can be disabled by completing the following steps;

Step 1: Locate the fuse box

The very first step in disabling the factory alarm includes locating the fuse box.

As the fuse boxes deliver the energy to various parts of the vehicle, you can switch the warning sounds or alarm system from here.

This fuse box is usually located in a cabin present under the steering wheel on the left side of the steering column. But it can also be found in the engine bay.

Step 2: Remove the cover

Once you have located the fuse box, it is time to remove the cover so that you can access the fuse box.

Also, perform the task carefully as the cover or trim of the fuse box is pretty fragile. Do not forget to take precautionary measures while performing the task and wear gloves as well.

Step 3: Analyze the layout diagram

After removing the cover, you will probably come across a layout diagram that is usually made on the cover of the fuse box.

Analyze the layout diagram to determine the alarm fuse that you need to disable. You should take your time and choose the appropriate fuse to avoid any kind of inconvenience later.

Step 4: Use pliers or plastic tweezers to disable the alarm

Now that you have access to the fuse box and have determined the circuit you need to cut to disable the factory alarm.

For this task, you can use pliers or plastic tweezers made explicitly for this purpose.

In some cases, you might also find a pair of plastic tweezers inside the fuse box once you remove its cover. Carefully use the tweezers or pliers to cut off the circuit of the particular fuse.

Step 5: Not aware of the correct fuse? Try removing each one by one

If, in case, you are not aware of the particular fuse that is responsible for cutting off the alarm, try removing each fuse one by one.

By this, you can check what fuse leads to the stopping of the alarm sound. The fuse you release, if not for the alarm, you must put it back in place and move on to the next one.

Now, once you have disabled your vehicle’s factory alarm, you should know that your car might be at risk so try to reach out to a mechanic as soon as possible to fix the alarm.

Some other ways to disable the factory alarm include;

By using the keys or car remote

In most cases and vehicles, you can easily disable the factory alarm by using the remote or keys of the car.

You can manually lock or unlock the driver’s door or even any passengers’ door to turn off the factory alarm.

Moreover, you can also do a similar task with the help of the car remote by pressing the exemplary remote fob. You can also lock and unlock the car by standing close to its doors.

If you have to press the buttons multiple times before the vehicle is locked or unlocked, you should know that your car’s battery might be going dead.

By starting the engine or opening the trunk

If locking or unlocking the vehicle doesn’t work for you, you will have to start the car. This is because, in some cases, the factory alarm is connected to the engine immobilizer.

So, you can turn the key once in the ignition to stop the factory alarm.

Moreover, there are also cases where the truck area is wired to be connected to warning systems.

For such cases, you should consider opening the truck manually with the help of a key.

If any of these methods are not helpful for you, you will need to get your car to a mechanic to diagnose the actual problem.

Nissan Factory Alarm System: What and Why does It Essential

The Nissan factory alarm system works as a warning and gives audible or visual alarm signals if there is a potential security threat to the vehicle.

If someone tries to mess up with your car’s locks or tries to break-in, the factory alarm will go off.

With this alarm, you will be warned, and you can get to your vehicle as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

But if your Nissan factory alarm system randomly goes off, you will have to disable it or get to the mechanic to check for the faults.

What does Factory Alarm System Do?

Factory alarm systems possess sensors responsible for warning about any movement or impact near or onto the vehicle.

If someone tries to reach out to your car, the factory alarm will be triggered, making loud noises that will get your or nearby people’s attention.

In some modern vehicles, the sensors present in the factory alarm can also sense vibrations and bumps, triggering the alarm.

The warning is wired to some siren and is usually present on the driver’s door, other doors, or even the vehicle’s truck.

So, in case some tries to touch any of these parts, the sensors detect it, and the siren starts wailing.

Why do you need to Disable the Nissan Factory Alarm?

In this case, if your factory alarm starts wailing randomly, you will have to disable it until you diagnose the particular fault and fix it.

Similarly, you can also disable the Nissan factory alarm if you want to get it replaced soon or think it might not work as efficiently.

Moreover, if you believe that your vehicle is always parked at a very safe and secure place and you might not need a factory alarm, you can disable it.

It is entirely your choice whether you feel the need to keep the factory alarm or not. If not, you can easily disable it without any inconvenience.

If you do not know how to disable the Nissan factory alarm, follow the steps mentioned above.

How to Replace Nissan Car Alarm System: the Entire Process

If your car alarm system has gone faulty, it is time to replace it with a new one. You can easily replace the Nissan car alarm system by yourself by following the below-mentioned instructions;

Step 1: Choose the right alarm

The first step in this procedure is to choose the ideal and best alarm for your vehicle.

Either it is a factory alarm or an aftermarket alarm, you should choose the one according to your requirements and budget.

Step 2: Install the siren

The next step involves the installation of a siren. For this purpose, you will have to locate a metal surface to mount the siren and connect it to the alarm system.

It should be found in the engine bay but must be at a safe distance from all hot components of the engine.

Also, the siren should be facing downwards. Now, the wiring should be passed through the firewall responsible for separating the machine from the car’s interior.

You can do the wiring through the pre-existing holes and make the new ones at safe places for this purpose.

Step 3: Wire the alarm

According to the manual that comes with the alarm, you will have to wire the notice to the alarm’s computer.

In some cases, the standalone computer units are usually present near the siren inside the engine bay.

But in most circumstances, the alarm is connected to the car’s computer present inside the dashboard. Moreover, install all the additional sensors and LED lights that usually come with the alarm system.

Step 4: Connect to the battery and test

Finally, the last step involves connecting the alarm to the battery and checking if it accurately goes off.

For this, you will have to connect the power line to the vehicle’s battery to start the charging or alarm.

Once done, you can test it by trying to open the car’s door without the key or something that might trigger the alarm.

At last, when tested, you can fix all the loose wires in place, and your very new alarm system has been installed.

Most Significant FAQs about How to Disable Nissan Factory Alarm

How do I disable the factory anti-theft system?

The anti-theft system, also referred to as the factory alarm system can be disabled by pressing the unlock button present on the remote.

You can also use the key to open the door or the truck manually or switch on the ignition to start the engine.

Moreover, if any of this doesn’t work, you can take out the fuse box and cut off the circuit of the security system or the alarm system.

Will the car alarm eventually stop?

It has proven that the car alarm doesn’t stop on its own and keeps on wailing until the vehicle’s battery is drained.

So, if your car alarm has randomly gone off, you will have to disable it immediately, or it can be pretty damaging.

Why won’t my car alarm stop going off?

If you are pulling up fuses and your car’s alarm is not going off, the possibility is that you are pulling the wrong fuse.

Therefore, re-install this one and try pulling out the next fuse. You can repeat the process until you have found the correct fuse.

After finding and re-installing the fuse, it is time to get your car to a mechanic if the alarm starts wailing again.

How do you bypass Nissan’s anti-theft system?

To bypass Nissan anti-theft system, you will have to turn the key to unlock your car and hold it there for around twenty to thirty seconds.

This will give your vehicle enough time to recognize the key. Moreover, some vehicles only acknowledge the key by turning the key back and forth into the lock.

Will disconnecting battery reset anti-theft?

By disconnecting the battery, you will reset the engine computer of the vehicle. For this, disconnect the positive and negative terminals and wait for a few minutes.

What triggers anti-theft?

Any movements inside or near the vehicle trigger the sensors of the anti-theft system, and the alarm goes off.

If anyone tries to break into the car or mess up with the windows or locks, the alarm instantly goes off, warning the owner and the people nearby about the situation.

What does it mean when the anti-theft light is blinking?

If your vehicle has a factory built-in factory alarm system, the blinking of anti-theft in the dashboard of your car represents that your vehicle’s alarm is active.

Can my alarm drain my battery?

If installed correctly, there is no chance that the alarm of your car will drain the battery. If the alarm goes off randomly and doesn’t stop, and is not disabled, it can drain the car’s battery.

Also, it is installed incorrectly; the alarm can drain the battery very quickly.


Factory alarm is very important for your vehicles if you have doubts about the safety of your area.

Even if not, this is preferred by almost all car owners to have an anti-theft or an alarm system installed in their vehicle.

Most vehicles come with a built-in factory alarm system, but you can also get some aftermarket alarms to replace or install new ones.

Also, if you are confused about how to disable Nissan factory alarm, the above instructions and description might be beneficial for you.

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