How to Program Dodge Key with Only One Key: Dodge Key Hacks

There is a possibility that your Dodge Ram is a family vehicle often used by more than one member of the family.

Are you in a dilemma regarding the possibility of each user owning a Dodge key? Do not be troubled; keep reading to learn how to program dodge key with only one key?

Over the years, there has been an increase in the use of electronic keys, as seen on Dodge RAM. These keys are very secure, hence, the increase in their usage.

In terms of security, transponder keys have three layers of protection.

They will only start your vehicle if the electronic chip present inside of the key connects successfully with your vehicle’s ignition lock signal.

As a result of this, electronic keys have enhanced security: with access granted by the designated keys only. Therefore, there is a need for you to program replacement keys.

Regardless of the reason for this duplication, either for different family vehicle users or because you need to have a spare key, perhaps the original one gets lost; these keys are easily programmable.

Usually, keys are programmed with an external device called an SBB key programmer. In this case, it requires having an original key in place.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Program Dodge Key with Only One Key

Step 1: Insert the New Key Fob into The Designated Area

Upon purchasing the simple key installer, it comes with a new key fob, which we are about to program.

Now, insert this key fob and attempt to start your vehicle; you will see that it is incapable of doing that.

In fact, you will be given a notice on the dash that says “wrong key fob.” Nothing will happen if you press the unlock and lock buttons on this key.

Step 2: Activate The Fob

Having attempted to start your vehicle with the new fob and failed (it is a pretty much predictable step, except the key fob has already been programmed, only then will it start your vehicle).

The next thing to do is activate the fob, which is pretty much an easy step to complete.

Press the panic and lock buttons on the fob together and hold for 5 seconds. After releasing these buttons, the indicator light can be of any color, comes on.

Depending on the type of key fob you have, the indicator light can be on top of the buttons or underneath them; just look out for a tiny light.

Otherwise, check the instruction manual to find the exact location of this indicator.

Activation of the fob can be done once this light comes on because it simply tells you the fob is ready to be activated.

Step 3: Press the Activation Code

From the instruction manual included in the simple key installer, check for the version of Dodge RAM you own and the pin code.

There are three buttons on the key fob arranged on top of one another (panic button first, unlock button, and the lock button).

To enter the code from the manual, the lock button is used as the first digit, the panic button as the second, and the unlock button as the third.

Ensure the indicator light is still on and press the buttons in the right sequence and the number of times specified.

For instance, if the code is 3-1-4, press the lock button three times, the panic button once, and the unlock button four times.

After pressing the codes, you can check if the codes were entered correctly.

Press and hold the lock and panic buttons together for a few seconds, and the indicator light will blink back the 3-1-4 code.

An indicator light comes on and blinks three times, pauses, then blinks again once, pauses, and blinks four times to confirm the code.

If the indicator light does otherwise, you gave entered the codes wrongly.

Step 4: Turn On Hazard Lights

You need to do a few things before igniting the engine with the working key and connecting the EZ installer.

Ensure all the doors are shut, the vehicle is in the park (P), and turn the hazard lights on.

Step 5: Connect the EZ Installer with the OBD Interface

After the code has been pressed in the right sequence and the hazard light is on, connect the EZ installer with your vehicle’s OBD-II port.

However, you must first check the instruction manual for the right dial position to use.

EZ installers have eight dial numbers, which means you can program eight fobs with one installer.

So, if the instruction manual reads number five, turn the installer to dial position five and plug it into the OBD-II port.

With the engine running, connect the installer to the port, after which it can only program keys for this VIN alone. Upon connecting the installer successfully, you will hear a few beeps.

Step 6: Insert Replacement Key

The beeps heard prove the installer communicated with the vehicle well and the code has been read.

Before you insert the replacement key, check the instruction manual to follow accurate instructions depending on the dial positions.

In some instances, you will be asked to insert the key but do not turn it on, and other dials position might require you to do so.

Step 7: Using the Simple Key Programmer

With the key inserted, press the button on top of the key programmer.

You should hear three quick beeps, after which you must remove the key and press the button on the programmer again.

If the pairing process works successfully, you should hear a chime from the programmer.

With that, unplug the programmer, turn off hazard lights and find out if it worked.

If the processes above were followed succinctly, you could be sure that both the new and replacement keys will start the vehicle.

Also, other functions like door lock/unlock and panic buttons will all function well upon successful connections.

Required Tools During the Process

In truth, there is no tool needed to complete this process because the “simple key installer” listed above is more of a product than a tool.

ll you will ever need is to program a new key fob that comes with this unit, so you have nothing to worry about.

Also, this means you will not have to spend extra or visit dealership stores to have the keys programmed.

Importantly, you should note that this product comes with an emergency access key blade, which needs to be cut to spec before you can use it.

However, the new key fob can be programmed and will work without cutting the key blade.

Cautions During the Programming Process

As you might have noticed already, the entire process of programming your keys has many steps involved. All of which must be carefully followed; otherwise, you will make mistakes.

As much as you have all the time in the world to get this right, you must be careful not to damage the new key fob or replacement key. Some of the mistakes to avoid include the following:

  • Pressing the pin codes incorrectly. As much as you want to avoid mistakes, this is one crucial one you must never make.

Since you do not have an erase key or a backspace as with your keyboard.

Therefore, you will have to wait for the indicator light to go off before you can start the sequence again.

Can this mistake be corrected? Yes, it can, but if it is an avoidable mistake, that is the best thing to do.

  • Attempting to use the installer on other vehicles. EZ installer will not respond on other vehicles once it has been used, and it might damage your OBD-II interface.
  • Refusing to follow the instruction manual and using the wrong dial position number.

This mistake is avoidable, and all you have to do is stick to the instruction manual.

Mechanism Of Operation Of Dodge Key Programmer

Dodge Key programmer is a device used to recode the transponder on a key fob (or mechanical key depending on the version of Dodge RAM that you own).

Dodge Key programmer helps to make new/replacement keys usable with your vehicle in simple terms.

Earlier, we mentioned how safe it is to use electronic keys. Because of this, it is impossible to access Dodge vehicles without designated keys.

Basically, you can program replacement keys with or without having the original one with you.

But there is no telling what might happen; key fobs can be misplaced.

Dodge Ram Key Programmer Mechanism: Dig Deep

In that case, you will require an auto locksmith to help program new keys using sophisticated tools. However, the process becomes pretty much easier with one original key available.

Without an original key in place, you cannot use a Dodge key programmer.

In fact, you need to have an original key, be around your vehicle and have the newer replacement key at hand. This is why you cannot ask dealers to program keys and have them shipped to you.

However, with the necessary parts available, the process of programming the key is straightforward and easy to complete.

The programmer’s operation mode is straightforward as it only involves a few basic steps of reading the codes on the existing key and programming this code onto the newer key to make it compatible with the vehicle.

In short, programming a replacement dodge key with an original one means making the replacement key usable by inputting pin codes read from the original keys onto it.

Thanks to really versatile key programmers, this process can be quickly completed even with little knowledge about the automobile industry.

However, your knowledge of key fob programming is crucial, which is why we will be discussing how to program dodge keys with only one key? 

With everything in place, you do not have to visit a dealership store.

These steps are easy to follow, and you can complete the entire process in your garage in under 30 minutes.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the processes involved in programming your Dodge Key.

Benefits of Programming Dodge Replacement Key With Only One Key

By now, you are either wondering, is that all there is to programming replacement keys?

Or how can programming keys be this easy? Regardless of the category you fall into, you are surprised because you never thought making replacement keys could be that easy.

In fact, this is the major benefit of having replacement keys programmed with only one key.

However, the statement above means you can have replacement keys programmed with two keys or no keys at all. To be frank, you do not want to be in either of these scenarios.

Programming replacement keys with two keys mean you must have all the original ones with you.

Which seems impossible if you are looking to have a replacement key. Who goes in search of replacement keys with two keys at hand?

Using one key for this process saves you money.

In cases where you do not have any original key, you will have to toll your vehicle to the auto locksmith or dealership stores and pay for their services.

At this point, you know you will be spending a lot before you have your vehicle running again.

Car owners deserve the luxury and comfort of programming keys in their own space. However, with easy to complete steps and without any hassle or requesting professional assistance.

Lastly, programming your vehicle with only one key saves you time as the processes can be easily completed. Such as, unlike having to toll your vehicle to dealership stores when you have no keys.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to program dodge key with only one key for a car owner is added knowledge, which will prove beneficial in the long run.

Fortunately, it is not as though you have to enroll for some automobile course online or spend a few weeks interning at reputable automobile workshops.

All you have to do is follow the steps we discussed earlier and read the instruction manual.

Having already programmed key(s) at hand before the one you are using gets missing or stolen is an added benefit.

Because you are assured of access to your vehicle, all you have to do is reach for the replacement key.

So, get every necessary tool and program your replacement keys from the comfort of your home today!

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