The Best Ways To Introduce How To Reset Honda Civic Oil Light

Honda Civic oil light is responsible for indicating that you require an oil change. Therefore, how to reset Honda Civic oil light is a must-known DIY hack.

It is necessary to reset the oil light after you have changed your engine’s oil or filter; you will have to reset the oil maintenance light.

This will make you wonder how to reset the Honda Civic oil light, it is a relatively simple and easy task, and you can get it done yourself.

Most modern vehicles come with an oil maintenance light in the dashboard connected with a computer.

This computer measures the miles and causes the oil light to blink when an oil or filter change is required.

Honda Civic Oil Light: What & Why it’s so Important

The oil service light is responsible for indicating when your car needs an oil or filter change.

This light is connected to the computer that keeps track of the mileage of your vehicle and causes the light to blink when an oil change is needed.

The recently manufactured vehicles come with two oil maintenance lights.

One of the lights indicates when your vehicle needs an oil or filter change, while the other one helps you determine when the oil pressure level is low.

To diagnose any problem related to it, you should have a diagnostic tool that features an oil reset function.

It will read and display the error codes that will enable you to change the oil or oil filter of your vehicle.

The Honda oil life monitor or Honda oil service light works by monitoring all the engine monitoring conditions.

These conditions include engine temperature, ambient temperature, speed, vehicle use, and time as well.

The oil maintenance light determines the oil life and tells you when you need to change it from all these factors.

After every regular interval, you should change the engine oil as well the oil filters of your car.

After you have changed these, it is also necessary to reset the oil light to start the measurement all over again.

How to Reset Honda Civic Oil Light: 6 Steps Process

Every time you have an oil change, you will have to reset your oil maintenance light.

The computer connected to the oil light counts the miles for you and informs you when an oil or filter change is required.

On average, a vehicle requires an oil change after every three months or 3000 miles.

After changing the oil or filter, you will have to reset the oil maintenance light so that you can continue with the new measurements of the mileage of your car.

Usually, whenever you start your vehicle’s engine, the oil service light will be on for a couple of seconds and then turn off on its own.

If the light doesn’t come off on its own, it is an indication that your vehicle needs an oil or filter change.

And after you have changed the oil or filter, you will have to manually reset the oil service light. Following are step-by-step instructions on how to reset the Honda Civic oil light;

Step 1

In the first step, without starting the vehicle, turn the ignition on. This will be the one-click before the engine gets started.

Step 2

Now, after turning on the scanner, look for the main menu to appear on the main screen.

The next step will be to select the oil reset icon and wait for the manufacturer’s guidelines to pop up.

The select or reset button on the steering and the knob on the dashboard are also responsible for this function. You will have to press either of the buttons.

Step 3

Depending upon the model of your vehicle, you will have to scroll through the knob or press it repeatedly until the ‘Engine Oil Life’ or the ‘Engine Oil indicator %’ appears on the screen.

This indicator will tell you whether you need to reset your oil light or not. Some professional mechanics also tend to do it for you after changing the oil or filter.

Step 4

Next, you will have to press and hold the select or reset button for around ten seconds. Or hold it until the Engine Oil Indicator begins to blink.

Step 5

Now, when your screen starts to display ‘Engine Oil Life’, the next thing you have to do is to select the reset mode.

For this, press the info button that is present on the steering wheel.

Step 6

The last step is to return your oil life to 100%. You can do it by pressing the reset or select button.

After this, the display will show you that you have successfully reset the oil service light by displaying a hundred % oil life.

There are two ways of resetting the oil service light that is manual reset or auto-reset.

Almost all European, American, and Asian vehicles support the manual reset.

You will have some prompts after selecting your car and entering the required information in this type of reset.

The scanner will show the manual reset option that you will have to choose and follow the prompts to get the resetting done.

Most American and European cars support auto-reset. For this, you will have to select the auto-reset option from the main menu after you have selected your vehicle.

After you have pressed ‘OK’, two options will appear on your main screen.

The two options will be an adaptation, and SRI reset that depends on the type of scanner tool you used for this purpose.

The SRI reset is responsible for resetting the service reminder. At the same time, the adaptation will provide you with an overview that displays all the relevant channels.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reset Honda Civic Oil Light

What does the Honda oil light mean?

Oil light is responsible for warning you about the engine oil of your vehicle. If it starts flashing and recovers after a moment, it means the oil pressure in your engine has dropped.

But in case if the oil pressure indicator is on while your car’s engine is running, that would be an indication that your vehicle’s engine has lost the oil pressure completely.

As this can damage your engine severely, you need to get your car to the mechanic as soon as possible to get it fixed.

Is it OK to drive with the oil light on?

If the warning oil light is constantly lit while you are driving, you should never ignore it.

This indicates that your vehicle has completely lost the engine’s oil pressure or it is too low, making it very dangerous to drive in such conditions.

You should immediately pull over and shut off your vehicle’s engine if the oil light comes on, or else it will be too unsafe to drive.

Why does my oil light turn on and off?

If the oil light of your vehicle is continuously flickering when driving or even when it is idle, it is an indication that either the oil pressure is too low or the oil sensor is at fault.

To resolve this problem, check for the oil pressure of your vehicle first. If necessary, also add motor oil to the car.

Now, if the light has turned off, you have solved your problem. But it is not; you should immediately contact a mechanic or take your car instantly if near.

Why is my oil light still on after the oil change?

If the oil pump of your vehicle is not working correctly, there will be an interruption in the circulation of oil through various parts of the car.

This will cause your oil light to keep on even after the oil change. Regular oil changes can resolve this problem or prevent this problem, but you might even need to replace your oil pump.

Can low online damage the engine?

Low oil level is undoubtedly very damaging to the vehicle’s engine. When there is no oil or low oil in the machine, various parts will begin to contact each other, probably at higher speeds.

This will damage the vehicle’s engine within seconds, and your car will immediately come to a stop. Also, your engine will be seriously damaged in seconds.

Do you have to reset your oil light after changing the oil?

Yes, it is necessary to reset the oil light once you have changed the oil to continue tracking your mileage and oil life.

But do not reset your oil light without changing the oil, as this will make you miss an oil changing session.

Therefore, it is important that you do not miss a single oil changing session as it can cause serious damage to your car’s engine.

What does the oil light look like?

Oil light also referred to as Engine Oil Level Indicator represents a symbol that displays a lamp that has an oil drop dripping from it.

This symbol is present on the dashboard as a warning light. This light comes on in the case of a drop in the oil level.

Therefore, in this case, you will have to get your oil changed or examined immediately to avoid damage to the engine.

How much does it cost to replace an oil pump?

Even though you might think that the oil pump is not a vital part, it is still pretty expensive. On average, the oil pump costs around $1030 to $1300.


As discussed above in great detail about the importance of an oil maintenance light, you might not have any confusion left.

We have also provided step-by-step instructions on how to reset Honda Civic oil light that will help you in the process.

You should never ignore the illuminated oil light of your car, as it can be very harmful to the vehicle’s engine.

You should schedule regular oil and filter changing sessions to ensure your engine’s safety.

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