How to Unlock Honda Steering Wheel: Top 6 DIY Methods

In this post, we’ll look at an issue that may seem minor to most of you but has happened to many new vehicle owners!

We will discuss how to unlock Honda steering wheel and what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

It may seem simple, but being presented with the steering wheel of your locked Honda may be unpleasant if you don’t know more about vehicles well.

On this page, we’ll first try to explain to you how to unlock your Honda steering wheel, and then we’ll show you why your car’s steering wheel is locked.

How to Unlock Honda Steering Wheel: 06 DIY Methods

Before we figured out why your Honda car’s steering wheel is locked. Therefore, we’ll move on to the part you’re presumably most interested in: how to unlock the steering wheel.

You’re presumably at home in the morning and want to rush to work, so now is the time to figure out how to solve your problem.

There are such methods for unlocking your car’s steering wheel. You may also view the video below that can be highly beneficial to you.

Method 1: Turn off the anti-theft system of the Honda

This is the most straightforward technique, and it will work undoubtedly be the best solution to your situation.

If you enter the key into the ignition cylinder and spin it, the Honda car’s ignition should be shut off, and you’ll be done.

Using a key to turn in the ignition can unlock the steering wheel on a Honda car. When the steering wheel, there should be some flexibility in either one direction.

This flexibility allows you to make a micro rotation, and, as a result, your Honda steering wheel locked will be solved as simply as that.

Method 2: How to unlock the Steering wheel using the push method

If your Honda car’s model is a push start system, unlocking the steering with this method can help.

When opening the steering with this method, apply force on the brake pedal, then you can either push the start button at the same time while turning your steering wheel.

It is regarded as one of the simplest methods on how to unlock the Honda car’s steering wheel.

This method can apply to Honda cars and other cars like Subaru, Mazda, and any other vehicle with a push start button system.

Method 3: Remove the cylinder from your Honda by unscrewing it.

The third option is that if you haven’t been able to unlock your Honda car’s locked steering wheel using the above methods, you may be facing another issue caused by your steering wheel lock device.

Your cylinder may have become clogged over time.

To open it, you’ll need to use a spray, such as WD40, and spray the inside of the barrel, then wait a few minutes before attempting to free your steering wheel again.

Be warned that if it works, you will need to consider purchasing and switching your car’s barrel since it will happen again at some point.

This method is only applicable if the traditional method or unlocking Steering wheel Using push method.

Method 4: Your Honda lock cylinder should be replaced as follows:

Finally, if you’ve done everything else and still can’t get your cylinder unblocked, or your steering wheel is stuck because your key won’t spin, you may consider replacing the ignition switch on your Honda.

If you understand some basic mechanical concepts, this procedure is not complex.

All you have to do now is make sure the model you buy is compatible with your Honda car.

As an alternative, you may take your vehicle to your mechanic, who will be able to do this operation for you.

Method 5: Carry out the key trick

This section will require you to remove the vehicle key as slowly as possible before turning it in the ignition.

You may also touch the pins that allow you to start the engine with your key fully inserted. After that, you’ll need to withdraw it just a little bit outside the keyhole, perhaps an inch.

However, you can try rotating your key again once you’ve positioned it there. If this hasn’t worked, it’s likely that your key is worn out and has to be replaced.

You should probably replace it because there’s a risk it won’t function anymore.

Method 6: Using the Key Turn One More Time

If the above technique did not work, try the next one. You’ll need to turn your vehicle key once more, but this time very carefully.

If the wheel and key are still locked and not moving after that, apply some pressure to the key as you spin it.

However, make sure you apply just the appropriate pressure and not too much since this might harm the key.

There have been several instances where vehicle owners have discovered their car key shattered inside the keyhole due to a lack of accurate estimation of the proper pressure to apply.

You can repeat this step to unlock your steering wheel until you get it to loosen, then the steering doesn’t work out; consult any Honda Technician.

Now we have to look at how to unlock the steering wheel Honda car. Let’s examine why the steering locks or the reasons why your steering locks.

Honda Civic Steering Wheel Locked: Why and When

The Powe Steering Pump

In most cases, a malfunctioning power steering pump is blamed for the steering wheel becoming stuck in the upright position while driving.

The pump might become stuck at any time, which might cause a lock-up in your steering wheel. Before vehicles did not have power steering pumps, thus failure was not an issue.

To turn the car, only the arm muscles were needed. Inventions such as the power steering pump, developed relatively recently, have considerably eased vehicle steering.

If the engine fails suddenly while driving, the pump will fail due to its extreme sensitivity.


This can be solved by replacing the power steering pump in your vehicle. This will keep you away from a locked steering wheel while driving.

Ignition Lock for Cars

Your Honda car steering wheel can lock due to failure in the ignition system. The ignition can also become stuck. When your key is unable to start or stop your vehicle, this is the scenario.

It’s referred to as “sudden lock-up” by mechanics, and it’s quite dangerous if it happens while driving your car at a fast speed.

Sudden lock-up is caused by a fatigue breakdown of the ignition system.


The only way to solve the situation is to bring in specialists. A new ignition system can be installed to avoid this kind of steering wheel lock.

One Direction Binding of the Steering Wheel

This problem mainly occurs in Honda civic cars with power steering. This happens when you turn to steer in a specific direction or at one particular position in the steering wheel’s movement.

The power steering system may have a mechanical issue. It might be a faulty power steering rack, or the rack’s internals could be blocked up.

It is causing the steering wheel to lock in while your turn it.


Before conducting the more substantial job of repairing a faulty power steering rack, a mechanic may recommend changing the power steering fluid.

Binding components in the power steering system may typically be freed by using a clean power steering fluid.

FAQs about How to Unlock Honda Steering Wheel

1. When I park my car, why does my steering wheel lock?

To get out of the vehicle, some individuals press on the steering wheel. A locked wheel is caused by pulling up on the steering wheel and hearing a clinking sound.

This must be the case, especially when you park and exit the vehicle.

2. If your steering wheel refuses to turn, what should be your next course of action?

To begin, use a spare key you don’t typically use. If that works, your primary key is most likely worn down from regular use.

Also, have a look at the tumbler. It might be worn down through use, or it could have been destroyed during a car theft attempt.

Also, make sure the neutral safety switch or shift linkage is in the correct position; if it isn’t, the steering and ignition lock may be impacted.

03. Is a steering wheel capable of locking while driving?

Yes! This is an uncommon occurrence.

Although most contemporary automobiles include an automated locking steering system, it is only designed to function when it is not used, such as parked.

This is a security and anti-theft feature.

Final Thoughts

I think this post contains clearly described procedures and solutions to problems such as how to unlock Honda steering wheel or any other BMW, Mercedes, or Audi model.

If any part of this article’s content is difficult for you to grasp, make sure you contact your technician for a thorough inspection and correction.

So that’s everything you need to know about unlocking the steering wheel.

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