Maintenance Required Light Honda: How to Do It?

Maintenance required light measures the mileage of your vehicle and warns you when you need an oil change.

This maintenance required light Honda has no link to the condition of your car; it is a light that is set by the manufacturers that turn on at regular intervals.

Once this light comes on, you should go to a mechanic for a regular checkup of your vehicle.

The professional will diagnose what maintenance is needed, either you need to change the engine oil or the oil filters.

The maintenance required warning usually comes on when your car has covered a mileage of around 5000 miles.

Maintenance Required Light Honda: 6 Steps

After your maintenance light has come on and you have to get your vehicle checked for maintenance, it is essential to reset the light to continue the mileage measurement.

You should not risk your vehicle by not resetting the maintenance light immediately after you have performed maintenance on your car.

Usually, the professional mechanics do it for you after the maintenance checkup.

But if they haven’t done or you have performed the maintenance yourself, you will have to reset the maintenance required light on your own.

This task is not complex at all and can be done manually. You can quickly get it done by yourself by going through the below-mentioned instructions.

The oil light is usually referred to as maintenance required light as well. You can reset the Honda oil light by these steps.

This video can help reset the Honda maintenance light of oil needed.

Step 1

In the first step, without starting the engine, you will have to turn the ignition on. You have to click once and do not start the engine.

Step 2

Now, you will have to turn on the scanner and wait for the main menu to appear on the main screen.

The next step will be to select the oil reset icon, and the manufacturer’s guidelines will be displayed on the screen.

The reset button usually on the steering wheel and the knob present on the dashboard also work for the same process. You will have to press a particular button or knob.

Step 3

Depending upon the model of your vehicle, you will have to scroll through the knob or press it repeatedly until the ‘Engine Oil Life’ or the ‘Engine Oil indicator %’ appears on the screen.

This indicator will tell you whether you need to reset your oil light or not. Some professional mechanics also tend to do it for you after changing the oil or filter.

Step 4

Next, you will have to press and hold the select or reset button for around ten seconds. Or hold it until the Engine Oil Indicator begins to blink.

Step 5

Now, when your screen starts to display ‘Engine Oil Life,’ the next thing you have to do is to select the reset mode.

For this, press the info button that is present on the steering wheel.

Step 6

The last step is to return your oil life to 100%. You can do this by pressing the reset or select button.

After this, the display will show you that you have successfully reset the oil service light by displaying a hundred % oil life.

For some vehicles, you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps;

  1. Turn off the car while holding down the odometer.
  2. Now, wait for five seconds before turning on the car again.
  3. Along with that, release the odometer button as well.
  4. Your maintenance required light will be reset, but this method can differ from model to model but is straightforward in every vehicle.

What is Honda Maintenance Required Light?

Maintenance required light keeps the track of mileage of the car and warns you when you require a maintenance checkup after regular mileage.

It is not responsible for determining the condition or level of the engine oil of your vehicle. This light comes on after regular intervals as set by the manufacturers.

Therefore, if this maintenance-required light Honda has come on your car, it is time to check your vehicle for maintenance or take it to a professional.

A good mechanic will help you diagnose what maintenance is required and will do it for you. The maintenance needs might differ from vehicle to vehicle.

It is not necessary that if your car needed an oil change when your maintenance light came on last time, it would need it again this time.

Moreover, you should not ignore maintenance required light because it can lead to severe damage to the engine and the vehicle’s functioning.

Here is a detailed video on what is the supervision required light and how to reset it.

Honda Maintenance Required Light Symptoms

Maintenance required light Honda is responsible for telling you that your vehicle needs some maintenance.

It can be either an oil change, changing the oil filters, or replacing the timing belt. Various symptoms that you need maintenance include;

  • If your maintenance required light is turning on and off constantly, that means that you might need care soon.

In this case, you will have around 500 miles to go before the light stops flashing and is turned on continuously.

At this time, you should go to a mechanic for a regular maintenance checkup.

  • If your maintenance required light has still not come on, and you face hesitation during acceleration and other symptoms, it is evident that the light will come on quickly.

In this case, get your car to the mechanic as soon as possible.

  • When the maintenance required light comes on, you might need to get a maintenance checkup of your vehicle.

The mechanic will diagnose the problem and let you know about the part of your car that needs to get fixed.

  • Different vehicles and models have different mileage points so that it is not necessary if your maintenance required light has turned on at a certain point.

Any other vehicle will also come on at that exact point. Immediately when the maintenance required light of your vehicle comes on, get your vehicle to a mechanic for a maintenance checkup.

FAQs about Honda Maintenance Required Light

What does it mean when maintenance requires light is on Honda?

As the maintenance required light is linked to your car’s, mileage, it indicates when you need to get to the mechanic for a regular maintenance checkup depending upon the distance driven by the car.

Mainly if your maintenance required light has come on, there is a chance that you require an oil change. Therefore, you should immediately go to the mechanic.

How serious is the maintenance required light?

Maintenance required light warns you that you might need to go for a maintenance checkup soon.

It is usually an oil change, but also your vehicle might require a new timing belt or a tune-up.

Once your maintenance required light starts to flash up, you can drive up to 500 miles before you need to run to a mechanic.

Is maintenance required the same as the check engine?

Most modern vehicles feature two different lights; one is the maintenance requirements or oil light, while the other is the check engine light.

Both of these lights are not interconnected and are entirely different from each other.

How much does an oil change cost?

If your vehicle requires an oil change using conventional oil, it might cost you around $35 to $75.

But if you want to get an oil change using synthetic oil, you will have to pay from $65 to $125—the cost variates depending upon the place or area.

How many months can you go without an oil change?

Usually, the vehicles require an oil change after every 3000 miles that are approximately three months.

But many modern manufacturers also feature an oil change after every 7500 or 10,000 miles. This is like six to twelve months.

What happens when you go too long without an oil change?

It would help if you did not go too long without an oil change because it can lead to complete engine failure and thus make your car useless.

As the engine oil is responsible for drawing heat from the engine, if not changed at regular intervals, the machine will heat up, blow a gasket, or completely fail.

Can you pass emissions with maintenance required light on?

If your vehicle’s maintenance required light is on, you would not be able to pass the vehicle inspection test.

Therefore, you should get the diagnosis done immediately and get the repairs done after failing so that you can retake the test and pass.

How long can you drive with the service light?

If your maintenance required oil has come on, you should get the maintenance done within the next two weeks.

Moreover, if your vehicle requires an oil change, you have 500 miles to drive before you need to get the oil change done. Otherwise, you get have a damaged car engine. 


Maintenance required light Honda helps you determine that you have to schedule maintenance soon.

It counts the mileage of your car for you and warns you when you have exceeded the mileage limit.

Usually, after the mileage limit is crossed, your vehicle will require an oil or filter change. Also, once the maintenance is done, it is essential to reset the maintenance required light.

After resetting, it will start counting the mileage for you again and tell you when you need the next mechanic appointment.

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