Nissan Connect Firmware Update: Update Procedure, Technique & FAQs

Nissan releases several updates to their Nissan connect firmware several times a year. It’s important to stay up to date with the constant release of the Nissan Connect firmware update.

But do you always have to visit an expert each time you need to get your Nissan firmware updates?

Updating your Nissan Connect3 firmware yourself is a necessary skill. And for several reasons —the nearest help would be too far, or your schedule too tight.

It’s quite fulfilling to be able to fix your vehicle by yourself. Hence, we bring this guide on how to do it yourself.

Nissan Connect Firmware Update: Step by Step Process

Updating the Nissan connect firmware happens just within the protrusion on your vehicle dashboard.

A few clicks here and there will help you get the firmware running on the latest update. We’ll take you through 6 easy to navigate steps to get this task done as quickly as possible.

The types of Nissan Connect vary. And this variation depends on the vehicle model.

Regardless of the model or type of Nissan Connect you have, the steps for updating should relatively be the same thing.

Nissan Connect offers you entertainment, communication, navigation, and security functions. If you can get better services in these regards with an update, why not?

Step 1: Ensure a steady power supply

Before you begin the procedure for updating your Nissan connect firmware you have to be sure that there is enough power to last the entire process.

The ignition has to be turned on or else you won’t even be able to access the Nissan connect interface.

But while the ignition is on and the battery is running, there could be the case of a flat battery which you would want to avoid. Now here’s the gist.

If your update ends while the process is ongoing, it might permanently damage the Nissan connect system in your vehicle.

A necessary precaution to take is to make sure that there is a visible sign indicating that no one should tamper with the vehicle as there’s an upgrade going on.

Perhaps make an announcement too so that your folks are aware.

Step 2: Confirm the update requirement

After turning on the ignition of your vehicle, the Nissan connect interface should boot up.

You can quickly check the version of your Nissan connect by tapping through setup, navigation, and map data navigation. If you’re very familiar with the updates you can be sure that your firmware needs one from here.

Note that there are two ways to get your Nissan to connect to update —by SD card or downloading the firmware to a USB stick.

 Step 2: Confirm the update requirement

You need to confirm the update requirements for your Nissan vehicle. How do you go about this?

First, you want to check if you can use an SD card to update and this is the easiest way to update your Nissan connect to my all you have to do is remove the existing SD card.

And slot in the SD card with an updated version when you do this a notification will pop up on your interface asking you to update.

Since this method doesn’t take much time, in less than 10 minutes you’re done. Make sure that your engine is running before you go ahead with the update.

Within 10 minutes it will be done and then your Nissan connect interface would have to reboot.

Step 3: Connect a charger to your battery for the USB stick update

If you have defective firmware, you should go-ahead to use the second method for updating your Nissan connect. For this, you need a proper backup.

This method would require about 50 minutes or more to complete. To prevent an interrupted update, charge the battery before you begin.

Step 4: Prevent unexpected shutdown

Beforehand you must have downloaded the appropriate firmware update onto your USB stick. Then, insert the USB stick into your vehicle’s USB port.

Besides connecting the battery charger to avoid unexpected power failure, Nissan vehicles are also designed to save power by shutting down.

To avoid the shutting down of your power system due to a passive mode, you need to turn on the hazard lights.

Step 5: Enter Service Menu

To enter the service menu in your Nissan vehicle you need to press and hold the setup button then turn the Enter button anticlockwise, clockwise, and then anticlockwise again.

After this, the service menu should appear. Now press the version button and you’ll be seeing the firmware version for your Nissan connect. afterward, you should have the updated version.

Press update system software. You get a message asking you to install the memory stick however since you’ve already done that you don’t have to worry just click on OK to continue.

The system would detect the updated files on your USB stick and the next thing you should do is click update.

The screen might go blank — it’s normal. Wait for about 5 minutes and then you should see a graphics display showing files being copied. This means the update procedure is in progress.

From here the update process should take you about 15 minutes.

And throughout this period, you want to make sure that the battery charger is connected to the battery of your vehicle and that the hazard lights are turned on to avoid an unexpected shutdown

Step 6: Rounding Up the Update

When the update process is done, you’ll have the interface pop-up asking you to remove the USB stick and that the system will be shutting down soon.

This screen display might stay on for a while and again there’s nothing to be worried about. You just have to leave your ignition on and your battery charger in place.

Also, the hazard lights must stay on and wait for the system to reboot.

When the system is done rebooting you will be asked to accept a certain term. Do it. From here your Nissan connect firmware update is complete.

You can now turn off the hazard lights and take off the battery charger. You can also repeat the process to check your firmware version to be sure of your updated firmware.

Nissan Connect Firmware: A to Z

Nissan connects firmware offers you several packages that make life more convenient as well as entertainment and communications.

With the Nissan connect firmware in your vehicle,  you can navigate any area without having prior knowledge of the route.

Also, use your voice to control the Nissan connect interfaces while you drive.

And when it’s safe to take your eyes off the road,  the Nissan connect has a  touch screen feature so that you can tap the options and navigate your way around the software.

How does Nissan connect firmware work?

The Nissan Connect firmware works as a navigation device and entertainment center and provides you with useful information while you drive.

The navigation feature is a vital aspect of the firmware. This feature is quite impressive because the major use of a vehicle is for transportation.

While transporting drivers usually use their sense of navigation to get themselves around.

Now in unfamiliar terrain the navigation device in the Nissan connect firmware becomes very handy and a highly important component at that.

Other things that the firmware allows you to do are to listen to the media like the audio files on your preferred local storage devices.

Control is also a vital aspect of Nissan’s connection to routine. You can control your vehicle in two major ways. The touch and voice option.

With your voice, you can make the Nissan connect take action. First, you activate it around the steering wheel. Press that the talk button and voice recognition will be activated.

Place calls and locate specific addresses using this feature in the Nissan connect.

The Nissan connect interface is predominantly navigated with the touchscreen. Whenever you interact with it directly it will be by touch.

Also, the interface is colored and you can scroll through your social media pages right there.

Why do you need to update the Nissan connect firmware?


If you travel long distances and are used to visiting new places you might have to rely heavily on the navigation system of your Nissan vehicle.

And in this case, you will not regret updating your Nissan connect firmware.

Nissan makes navigation easier by making it possible to transfer directions from Google Maps to Nissan connect. This can make your navigation experience super smooth and easy.

Ease of use

You can easily get used to the ease of communication directly with your vehicle. In that case, you’ll want nothing more than an improvement.

The updates on the Nissan vehicles are hardly a cause for any frustration so it’s always advisable to update as soon as there’s one available

Nissan connects in an impressive service within Nissan vehicles and the updates only make the experience better and more enjoyable.

Since its inception, our technologies have only gotten better. And when they do, they also tend to serve us better —With more accuracy, information, and better abilities.

The same goes for the Nissan connect firmware upgrade. With an upgrade, you can visit more places using the navigation maps and have a more convenient life on the road.

Crucial FAQs about Nissan Connect Firmware Update

Can you add apps to Nissan connect?

Yes, Navigate and select the ‘manage my apps’ option. Here you can select the apps you want to install on your vehicle.

With some apps you need the help of your mobile phone app also some apps require your login details to function properly

Why does Nissan connect not work?

The Nissan connect usually needs a reliable internet connection to function effectively.

So if you are driving through an area where the network connectivity is poor you might experience a malfunction in the Nissan connect application.

This can cause the network to fluctuate — perhaps coming back on and going off at varying intervals

Do I have to pay for the Nissan connect service?

Presently, 2020 and 2021 models of Nissan vehicles are enabled with the Nissan connect services for 3 years.

Also, the Nissan connect premium services are provided to you with 6 months of free use.

Afterward, the Nissan connect requires you to pay about $12 per month to continue enjoying its services.

Now there are two other tiers of the Nissan connect package — the premium and premium plus.

The premium package requires you to pay about $20 per month while the premium plus plan will cost you about $25 every month.

Can I update my Nissan Firmware for free?

Updating your Nissan connect does not require any payment if you know how to do it yourself.

You can update the Nissan mechanics in your vehicle by using an SD card or a flash drive with the appropriate firmware update.

What is the Nissan Connect for?

Besides providing you with information and entertainment services, the Nissan connect allows you to control the vehicle from your preferred device, especially your mobile phone.

For instance, you can lock your vehicle without using keys.

Does Nissan connect to have the Apple Car Play?

The latest brand of vehicles usually comes with the Apple car play and the Nissan connect firmware in Nissan vehicles is not an exception.

The apple car play is a standard feature on Nissan connect.

What apps work with Nissan connect?

A handful of apps work with the Nissan connect on the vehicle. But rather than worry, you should try them out to see which apps work on the interface.

Meanwhile, some common apps that you might find on the Nissan connect are Facebook, iHeartRadio, Twitter, Pandora, TripAdvisor, and Google search.

Is it possible to connect more than one device to a Nissan?

According to the manufacturers of the Nissan

vehicle, you can connect up to five devices. Now while all five are connected you can only use one of the devices with your Nissan vehicle at a time.

Attempting to add a sixth Bluetooth device will prompt a delete request for one of the devices from your vehicle.

How does the Nissan connect app work?

Whether you’re using an android mobile device, the iPhone, or a smartwatch, you can connect to your Nissan to enjoy personalized apps and features.

Being considered as an infotainment service is a perfect description as Nissan connects offers you several services that make you extra comfortable and your day-to-day run more convenient.

For instance, you have access to music, travel information, and major social media.

The Nissan Connect is google enabled so that you can have a unique driving experience.

How this works is that you can place routes to desired destinations that you’ve marked out on your device and have them in your vehicle.

Final Verdict

Knowing how to fix your Nissan connect firmware update is fulfilling. You can save up on time and keep some extra cash.

Moreso, the Nissan connect is all about your convenience and the upgrades on making things better.

The Nissan Connect is dedicated to bringing you these things; communication, entertainment, navigation, and useful information.

You can use the Nissan connect conveniently while driving by speaking. All that it requires is activating the voice recognition.

You’re aren’t likely going to regret updating your Nissan firmware because it is not a complex procedure. You just have to be sure about the decision to do it yourself.

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