How to Get Rid of Nissan Fusible Link Problem: Top 06 Problems with Solutions

Fusible links are an essential component of any electrical system; thus, they play a significant role in your vehicle’s electric system.

If you face a Nissan fusible link problem, you should first confirm that it is the fuse and not the ECU, as both have similar symptoms.

Once you have to diagnose the problem, you should get it fixed immediately to avoid severe damage.

Moreover, replacing a fusible link will only cost you a few bucks, and your whole electrical system will be protected once again.

If you have any confusion regarding the fusible link or its problems, we are here for you.

Top 6 Nissan Fusible Link Problem: In-depth Description

All the fusible link problems are related to the blowing up of the fusible link. It is either that the fusible link of your car has blown or you have not replaced the blown fuse.

As the fusible link is responsible for protecting your vehicle’s electric system from any damage, the symptoms of the blown fuse are somehow related to the car’s electrical components.

Although, if you are driving continuously with a blown fuse, your car will stop getting started after a while.

Hence, if the vehicle is not getting started, there wouldn’t be any further damage to your car’s electric system.

But you will have to replace the fuse as soon as possible if you want to continue driving. Some of the problems that you might face due to a blown fusible link are given below;

1. Windows will stop working

If you have a blown fusible link, you will see that a majority of the electrical functions of your vehicle will stop.

The first one that you will observe is that your windows will not operate automatically.

No matter how much you try to open and shut the windows automatically, you will be unable to do so. Therefore, you will have to operate the windows manually in this case.

2. The central locking system will stop working

As mentioned above, almost all electrical systems of your vehicle will stop working when the fusible link is blown; the central locking system is no exception.

Therefore, as soon as the fusible link gets blown, the central locking system of your vehicle will stop working that will put your car’s safety at risk.

So, it is essential to replace the blown fuse immediately if you want your car’s central locking system to work again.

All the other factors and problems can wait, but you might not want to risk the security of your vehicle.

3. Wipers will stop working

Along with all the other electrical components, the wipers of your vehicle will also stop working.

So, if you are driving in a climate-sensitive region that can pour rain or snow at any time, you should get this problem resolved immediately.

If you are moving to a hot area, this might not be a massive problem for you, and you can go on like this for a while, but still, it is essential to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

4. Car radio will stop working

Don’t worry if your habit of putting the radio on as soon as you step into the vehicle. Most of us have it.

The radio is always there for us, either listening to our favorite show or catching up with the news early in the morning as we get to work.

But you will not enjoy the radio in your vehicle if you have a blown fuse. A blown fuse will stop all the electrical functions, and the car radio will also stop immediately.

5. Music will not be played

Most of us love to play music in our car, even if we have to drive over to our nearest grocery store.

Well, if the fusible link is blown or is not in shape to function correctly, music will be unable to be played into your vehicle.

The blown fusible link will cut out all the electrical functions along with the music.

6. Your car will not start

If you have a blown fusible link, you will face some of the problems mentioned above, or maybe all at once.

But if you do not feel the need for any of the things and think that you can drive without operating windows, central locking, wipers, radio, or music, you can do so for a while.

But after you are continuously pushing the car with a blown fuse, your vehicle will stop getting started after a time.

It is important because if the car would start, it can cause further damage to the electric system.

You are safe now that you don’t have to worry about more electric damage, but you will have to start the car.

Therefore, if you want to create and drive your car again, you will have to fix your blown fuse.

Nissan Fusible Link: What & How does It Work?

A fusible link also referred to as a fusible or fusible link, is used to protect the electrical system of any electrical appliance.

The fusible link present in the vehicle is very similar to the other electrical fuses in its functioning.

Nissan fusible link is used to protect all the whole electrical system from any kind of damage due to overflow of current.

The fusible link wire is made out of a material that melts away quickly. If an excessive or unnecessary current flows into the system, the fuse or fusible link will melt and break the circuit.

Therefore, once the circuit is broken down, other electrical parts of the system will be saved.

Types of fusible links

Usually, there are two types of fusible links present in the market. The two kinds of fusible links include;

  • Mechanical fusible link – these fusible links are usually used in situations to trigger fire sprinkler systems along with mechanical door release systems.

These fusible links can be found in various designs along with different temperature ratings.

  • Electrical fusible link – these fusible links are typically used in high automotive applications. They are covered in a high temperature resistant and insulated cover to protect the system when the wire melts.

There are a variety of Nissan fusible links available in the market depending upon the models of the vehicle. Every model might require a specific fusible link, and therefore you will have to consider the model of your car before purchasing one.

Solutions for the Nissan Fusible Link Problems

Most of the time, if you’re facing any problems due to a blown or bad fusible link, you might not be able to diagnose it.

This is because you never know that is a fusible link problem or an ECU-related problem. In most cases, if you are aware that the fusible link is causing the problem, it might have blown.

In such a case, replacing the blown fusible link with a new one might be the only option.

The solutions to the above mentioned Nissan fusible link problems are described below;

  • If your windows have stopped operating, you can check the fusible link that is usually located under the hood, along with the firewall, or near the battery.

Once you look at it, you will know it is blown as it will be melted. In such a case, the only solution is that you will need a replacement.

  • Similarly, if your vehicle’s central security system is not working or is radio or music, you need to check the fusible link if it is a problem.

If you are sure that it is a problem, you will have to replace it.

  • If your vehicle is not getting started, and it is not for any of the other reasons, check the fusible link and get it replaced immediately to start driving again.

A replacement usually solves all the fusible link problems. These links are not very expensive, and the replacement is also pretty easy and quick.

Nissan Fusible Link Replacement: The Easiest Way to Replace

If you have diagnosed that your Nissan fusible link is badly blown, you will surely need a replacement to get your car started.

The fusible link replacement might be a little complicated, and if you are not aware of the mechanics and do not know what you are doing, it is vital to go to a professional.

Nissan fusible link replacement is not very expensive, and you can get a new fuse for a couple of bucks.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for a Nissan fusible link replacement.

Step 1: Remove the fuse box

In most older Nissan models, you will have to remove the fuse box to access the fusible link.

Step 2: Check the manual

After removing the fuse box, remove the lid, and you will come across a fuse manual. Check for the fusible link and then diagnose where is the problem.

Step 3: Remove the fusible link.

Remove the fusible link that is blown. You will know that it is blown once you see it as it will probably be melted or in a terrible shape.

Step 4: Reinstall the new one

After you have removed the poor fuse, it is time to install the new one. Install the new fuse and check if your vehicle starts.

FAQs about Nissan Fusible Link Problems

What happens when the fusible link goes bad?

If the fusible link of your vehicle has gone wrong, it will break down the circuit of the whole electrical system.

Therefore, there will be no power to the car’s electrical systems, thus leading to malfunctioning of automatic windows, radio, wipers, etc., and at last the engine.

Eventually, if the fusible link has blown, your car will not start at all.

What is the purpose of a fusible link?

A fusible link is a safety device used in electrical systems. These fusible links might be mechanical or electrical.

These fuses are usually used in fire sprinkler heat to prevent any damage from excessive heat.

In automobiles, in case of an overflow of current, these fusible links are responsible for protecting the electric system.

It melts, breaking down the circuit to prevent any damage from happening to the remaining components.

How often do fusible links need to be replaced?

Commonly, fusible links should be replaced after every year. This period can be reduced in some instances, and you might require a replacement sooner.

Can a fuse make your car not start?

In most cases, a blown fuse leads to minor problems involving electrical components of the vehicles.

For example, once the fuse is blown and it cuts off the circuit, your automatic windows, radio, music, and central locking might not work.

But in some cases, or if you continue to drive your car with a blown fuse, there will be a time when you will not be able to start your vehicle.

At this time, you should immediately get a fusible link replacement.

What temperature does a fusible link melt?

As the fusible links are made out of alloys, the approximate temperature at which certain alloys melt ranges from 135F/57C to 500F/260C.

Are fuses universal?

No, all fuses are not universal. Fuses come in various designs, sizes, and temperature ranges.

Also, the type and size of the fusible links or fuses might differ depending on the different electrical components used.

Therefore, when you are replacing your vehicle’s blown fuse with a new one, it is crucial to determine the size and type of your previous fuse first. And after that, install the exact similar one as the replacement.

What are the types of fuses?

You can find different types of fuses in the market that are explicitly designed for different types of electrical systems, components, and purposes. Some types of fuses include;

  • Cartridge fuses
  • AC fuses
  • DC fuses
  • High voltage fuses
  • Automotive, blade type, and bolted type fuses

Can you replace a fusible link with a fuse?

Yes, you can replace a fusible link with a fuse, but the engineers do not recommend it. This is because the fusible link can handle more current and also have a compact structure.

But in case you need an urgent replacement and do not have a fusible link with you, you can use a fuse for a while.


A fusible link is an essential component of your vehicle’s electric system and helps keep it safe and secure.

And you may face Nissan fusible link problem as well that you will have to diagnose and fix. Usually, these problems are complicated to diagnose and fix.

Also, the replacement of the fusible link can be complicated. Therefore, you should consider going to a professional for the cause.

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